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Flag Currency code Currency Amount We buy at Average We sell at Currency title
978 EUR 1 117,5000 118,1960 119,0000 Evro
036 AUD 1 70,7100 73,1275 74,3500 Australijski Dolar
124 CAD 1 75,3300 77,7861 79,2200 Kanadski Dolar
208 DKK 1 15,3600 15,8404 16,1400 Danska Kruna
752 SEK 1 11,0900 11,4461 11,6700 Švedska Kruna
756 CHF 1 101,7000 104,8395 105,9000 Švajcarski Franak
840 USD 1 98,3000 100,6009 102,4000 Američki Dolar
977 BAM 1 58,7000 60,4327 61,0000 Konvertibilna Marka
578 NOK 1 11,9800 12,3509 12,5800 Norveška Kruna
826 GBP 1 128,0000 131,5628 134,6000 Funta Sterlinga
643 RUR 1 1.3900 1,5156 1,6000 Ruska rublja
TRY 949 1 15,1700 15,8972 17,1300 Turska Lira
Vehicle registration every year takes away at least one day in the collection of documents and payment of fees. With the new license plates, road permits and registration label, obligations to the state is multiplied.
In order to make the day as easy as possible for you, we provide the service of registering your car.

011/ 334 9999
063/ 102 6000

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PANTER I, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 122
PANTER II, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 356
PANTER III, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 62
PANTER IV, Zmaj Jovina 25
PANTER V, Tržni centar Blok 70, Jurija Gagarina 91
PANTER VI, Prvomajska 15 A
PANTER VII, Medakovićeva 96a Voždovac
PANTER IX, IDEA Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 294
PANTER X, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 44
PANTER XI, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 12d
PANTER XII, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 17
PANTER XIII, luka Beograd
Panter XIV, TC Stop Shop
PANTER XV-Ušće Shopping Center
PANTER XVI - Leštane
PANTER XVII, Proleterske solidarnosti 17
PANTER XVIII: Pančevo, tržni centar Aviv park
PANTER XIX: Inđija, fashion park Outlet Centar
PANTER XX, Vojvode Stepe 66
PANTER XXI, Požeška 70
PANTER XXII, Aviv Park Zvezdara
PANTER XXIII, Retail park, Segedinski put, Subotica
Panter XXIV, Zeleni venac 2, Beograd
Panter XXV, Terazije 22, Beograd
Panter XXVI, TC City hall
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